Conference Program

Paris 2018
Carsharing 3.0 //
The next era of mobility

Oct 16-17, 2018

Oct 16

8:30 a.m. Registration
9:30 a.m. Welcome
10 a.m. Keynote Address by :
– Jean-François Barsoum – IBM
– Andreas Knie – InnoZ

The ideal carsharing city:

Ever have challenges with your city? A panel of high level city officials will share their experiences in providing mobility ecosystems that work and how and why they rely on carsharing. The presentations will emphasize public policy goals, regulations and the role carsharing plays in the future of driverless cars. These presentations will be followed by a Q&A moderated by the keynote speaker.

Speakers include:
Michael Glotz-Richter – City of Bremen
John Tureck – City of Vancouver
City of Milan
Lewis Chen – Singapore Car Sharing Association (to be confirmed)

Lunch break

Telling the story with data:

Researchers and industry experts present evidence-based responses to the industry’s pressing questions, including: What are the conditions in which carsharing succeeds or fails? What do users want from the future of carsharing? How does carsharing stand up (or stand out) in the mobility mix? Q&A to follow.

Speakers include:
Gunnar Nehrke – BCS Bundesverband CarSharing
Adam Cohen – Transportation Sustainability Research Center
Florence Paulhiac / Elizabeth MacDonald – Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Roger C. Lanctot – Strategic Analytics

Carsharing development in France:

the actors of the new carsharing recent development in France discuss the next steps to bring to cities extensive and viable solution. The new “LOM“ law, teaching from Autolib and Auto Bleue case will be two main discussion points that all can learn from.

Speakers include:
Emmanuel de Lanversin – Direction générale des infrastructures, des transports et de la mer (DGITM) 
Nicolas Louvet – Cabinet 6t
Jean-Baptiste Schmider – Réseau Citiz
Federica Campina – Communauto
Emmanuel Nedelec – Ubeeqo (tbc)
Patrick Vergelas – Renault Mobility (tbc)
Gabriel Plassat – ADEME

MaaS (Mobility as a Service):

What is the purpose of MaaS systems? For carsharing MaaS systems could be good marketing platforms to reach a broader customer base, but the jury is still out. What are the effects of MaaS? Does MaaS pose a new strategic approach to carsharing operators? What evidence do we have so far? These are some of the discussion points in this future looking session.
Speakers include:
Hans Arby – UbiGo Innovation
Valère Pelletier – RATP
Kevin McLaughlin – Free2move
Joachim Schwartz – KooMo / Cambio
Caroline Cerfontaine – UITP

Talking tech

The worlds of technology and cars are changing the world rapidly – but what are the changes going to look like? How will these changes affect cities and consumers? How will they affect carsharing specifically? Our technology companies are betting on the future – so what are they taking into consideration? Come and hear our leading technology companies present their products and findings.

Speakers include:
Kenneth Malmberg – Ridecell
Eric Lapointe – Astus
Alexander Kirn – INVERS

Oct 17

9 a.m. Start

Carsharing innovations and growth – worldwide:

Carshare organizations from a diverse range of cities will present the creative strategies they’re using to persuade cities to create conditions for growth, users to join and operational partners to collaborate. Beyond their successes, the CSOs will also share their insights on the main challenges they are facing and how they are solving them.

Including presentations from:
Communauto, Canada and France
Goget, Australia
Modo, Canada
Zazcar, Brazil
More to be announced

Optimizing operations:

This practical session is a chance for attendees to break off into smaller groups to focus on the carsharing issues that matter most to them. Each attendee will have an opportunity to participate in two facilitated working groups on topics including: insurance, parking, marketing, relationships with public transit, working with city officials, taxation, customer service, electrification, and accessibility. Participants with expertise will be chosen to animate the groups.

Lunch break

Evolving to Carsharing 3.0:

Mobility is big business – they say 10 trillion per year! In this new mobility era where options are expanding, technology facilitating access and new players investing in “mobility on demand“ the lines between them are being blurred, how does carsharing take advantage of the moment? Presentations will explore approaches of how carsharing can fit into the evolving mobility eco-system and how it can become the common form of car use in cities. Q&A to follow.

Speakers include:
Sharon Feigon – Shared Use Mobility Centre
David Van Kasteren – UITP
Paulin Dementhon – Drivy

Moving forward:

This session is an opportunity for direct input from conference attendees. Following CSA Executive Director recap of the conference, it will be the occasion for an open discussion about the most important takeaway and the role the CSA should play in that future.

Speakers include:
Pam Cooley – Carsharing Association Executive Director
Kyle Sabie – Enterprise CarShare

Please note:

Presentations will be in English unless specified.


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