Carsharing Conference

Vancouver is a great city for carsharing. Join us in September for a showcase of how progressive city transportation policies support the integration of public transit, cycling and shared cars.

Social change and technological change are driving forces in the development of new urban mobility. Carsharing has changed the way people view their relationship with the automobile. The combination of public transit, cycling, walking and other forms of shared-use mobility are causing many to consider the question “What do I really need a car for?”

At this two-day conference, you’ll hear leaders in city administration and public transit share their best practices and success stories — integrating shared-use mobility into transportation policy frameworks and the built-form of cities. Carsharing operators will impart their experience ensuring driver satisfaction and service quality. Technology leaders will share their views about how electric cars, bikes and scooters have the potential to deliver quieter and cleaner mobility. Also, what can we expect from smartphone apps that allow you to book, access and pay for a variety of transportation modes in a single interface?

In the operational streams, carsharing organizations will learn about creating an easy and frictionless user experience for the customer. Other operational topics to be discussed include best practices in fleet management, marketing, member services and technology that make carsharing an attractive alternative to the privately-owned car.


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